Dual axis table mounting objects

So since it has been out for a while, what is your way of mounting objects to the tilting table.
I ordered some silicon pads (similar to the one in Pop2 turn table that you put under the big 4piece circle) but that just helps with sliding around. When the table tilts (especially more than 15 deg) my objects just fall off. If not immediately then after a couple of seconds - the table vibrations seem to help get the object loose :wink:
Also anyone made any rigs that would screw into the threaded holes?


This ist my solution



Nice chuck clamps!!

This soft black modelling clays also works very good for certain objects.

The clamps thing… wow… seriously… wow. I love this community :joy:
Still it looks a little overkill, it covers a large part of the scanned object.
It also makes you think - Revopoint made these holes for a reason, has anyone ever seen what their intended use was?

Did you ever saw how microscope holds the glass strips in place ? That’s how it should be used .
I actually have it already made , will post after my holidays .


That’s how it should holds any object no matter the size , from a ring to a figurine and prevent it from sliding down even if it is a simple coffee mug

Yeah, I’m gonna go for the visual aid here I think.
All the microscopes I ever encountered had thin metal strips to hold the glass specimen. Great for pinning down flat elements to a flat table - not sure how they could hold a mug though :thinking:

I will show you tomorrow.

I made a mounting device for classic cast heads like they are used in the the special effects and wigs industry.
It’s a somewhat more specialized area, but working with 3D scanners and printers gets there more and more usual

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That is great design @KonstisSFX now I would remove the middle part and use the plastic straps to hold the object inside from sliding down . It would works with anything no matter the size .

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Actually didn’t think of that :sweat_smile:
I will upload the straps only and a new idea I had this evening.

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I made a version for flexible filament and one for rigid filament. I added them to the Revopoint Dual-Axis-Turntable Wighead mount Files:

Hope you all like it and find it useful.

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Very very cool :slight_smile:
Apparently there is a minimum of 20 characters on this forum, wth?
I can’t tell you “Good job”, I have to tell you “You’ve done a very respectfull effort and the results are outstanding - good job :joy:


Lol Filip , that was funny :rofl:

@KonstisSFX great job !

I was going to reply but couldn’t think of enough characters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl: