Dual access turn table

Open my dual access turntable today and the dots are on a separate mat. How is this supposed to be fixed to the base because as soon it tilts the mat just slides off cannot find anything about this on the web

you don’t want the dots to be fixed as that will cause issues when scanning in Feature mode , just use some double tape , the dots ( markers) are only needed in marker mode with a hard to scan objects that have no features.

and if you really want the markers just stick the one you got with your scanner

My dual axis TT came with fixed markers on the plate. Is there really a problem with the dots when scanning in feature mode?

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The one we got was not reflective so difficult when the TT was tilted, I put over it the reflective stickers … purchased a black silicone cover so nothing slide from it . Also when you use MINI you want the small mini markers and not the big one …

So not really a problem but when scanning in feature mode and small thing , the white dots are captured sometimes and it affect the auto fusing settings so all captured markers should be removed in the raw mode before fusing .

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