Dual axis turntable and pop2

Hi, my dual axis turntable is paired and I’ve updated my POP2 with the newest firmware but the button in revoscan for dual axis turntable is greyed out. Is the use of the turntable for POP2 still under development?

Thanks für feedback.

Yes, still not released yet

Try the one of the standalone android apps in the forum

Yes that is correct not on Windows as I have nothing not even grey out con when POP2 is connected but someone said it works on MAC already … can’t confirm that

standalone android app has worked great. Thanks to all enthusiastic and smart people here. Great community!

To summarize if someone is interested, you’ll also find in other threads…
install “Serial Bluetooth Terminal” by Kai Morich on your android phone,
download revopoint_tt_serial_bluetooth_terminal_cfg.txt by X3msnake, import it in the app (Configuration/import) and pair your turntable…


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There is also an app by @Johnathan

I am sure he will release it soon…

Yes @jonathan is working on it and polishing it , this will be the main app to go for sure , as I enjoying the way it working while scanning today . Definitely a winner here.

Hello, I am in a similar situation (POP2 with turntable ) which app do you use on your phone (android )? Also is it available on the store ?