[Android] The Dual-axis Turntable remote control app

Dear All,

The Dual-axis Turntable remote control app for Android devices is now available.

Please download it by clicking this link:

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The Revopoint3d Team


Thank you for posting the info Cassie.

The app connects really well (i.e. quickly) but the tilting function isn’t tracking my finger very well. i.e. try to slide the angle over to 20 degrees but it loses track of my finger after only a couple of degrees. It takes multiple goes to get the slider all the way over.


Will there be an iOS version?

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I confirm - the swipe gestures get confused.
If we swipe the finger perfectly horizontally - then pulling the tilt angle works great. But as soon as the finger moves just a little in the vertical axis the app thinks we want to scroll the app UI and lets go of the tilt angle lever. Tell your dev to disable app UI dragging whenever the finger touches inside the Tilt control area :wink:

I would also really appreciate an iOS version.

hello Cassie, I can’t download this program, when I open attachments it shows me something that is not found///

Please go to the download section of the forum to download the program

, this topic is already outdated and not actual

Or try this one

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