Dual-Axis TT on RevoScan 5 not communicating

I cannot seem to add the D-A TT to my bluetooth settings. I do not see any device and when I try to add other devices I do not see the D-A TT. The TT worked on the older version pre-5.0. Ihave recyled power many times. The TT goes through it’s routine but still getting no connection. I am running V5.2.3.848. I have not upgraded to the latest as of last known scanning problems. Is that a possible issue? Also, I see request to put a popup window back like V4.0. Anything on that going forward? Any suggestion?

I have updated to latest version V5.3.902 and no difference. BTW, scanner is off and I still do not see any bluetooth device to add.


I tagged Jane to check on this for you
Sorry for the delay in answer , she probably missed your thread , so busy time lately.

Hi @alvenchipmunk

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Regarding your issue with not being able to add the D-A TT to your Bluetooth settings, please record a video and send it to our customer service email at customer@revopoint3d.com.
They will assist you in resolving the issue.

I will communicate with the development team to inquire about any progress regarding bringing back the popup window similar to version V4.0. Thank you so much for the reminder.

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