Dual Axis connection crashes software

After pressing the button in the Acessories tab in the RevoScan5 Software another dialog pops and the software closes after 1…3 seconds! In the Windows BT connection settings I see the table paired.

@WWebber Does the software the latest one? Now it’s V5.0.6. Could you please send us a video to customer@revopoint3d.com and tag this forum link? Our R&D team may need the video to check the issue.

Yes - I am using the latest Software under Win10x64.
And there will not be much information in the video (unless you create a debug-logfile somewhere). The dialog, where the software aparently tries to scan the BT devices shows up very shortly (<2 seconds), before the whole application simply closes. I assume a missing exception handler or similar in the software, when scanning the devices.
BTW: the latest V4.x version - which can be found in your download section - works.

Maybe we need an online meeting with you, please send an email to customer@revopoint3d.com and tag this forum link