Drill Battery Reverse Engineering with POP 3 - by Ispanico

Scanning and Reverse engineering of a drill battery.
Today, mostly out of personal necessity, I had the need to perform a reverse engineering operation on a drill/driver battery.
I started by disassembling the battery into its two parts and then treating the pieces with dry shampoo, which is excellent for parts that can be easily cleaned later and where maximum precision is not critical. The slightly granular nature of the shampoo creates a slight thickening of the parts, which is not optimal for small fittings or couplings.
The scanning was done in a single session, moving the piece three times for the top part, while multiple sessions were performed for the bottom part and then fused together in RevoStudio5. The models were reduced for easier handling in Fusion360 and straightened in PrusaSlicer.
Subsequently, the meshes were imported into Fusion360, and I proceeded with the actual reverse engineering phase.
Some minor modifications were made to the model to make it compatible with different series of power tools from the same brand. This was a simple and fast operation, thanks to the highly accurate scanning of the POP3.
What do you think?

If you’re interested in purchasing, you can find the POP3 at the following links:
Global: Revopoint POP 3: Portable 3D Scanner for Vibrant Color Scans
US: Revopoint POP 3: Portable 3D Scanner for Vibrant Color Scans

More showcase at the following link:


Great showcase Daniele ! :clap:


Thank you so much!

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Very nice job! I have the scanning part down (just with the original POP) but then comes the F360 steps and I get so lost I give up lol I got a book to try and learn it…we shall see.

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