Creation of a technical tool using POP3 - Ispanico

Today, I want to show you something less visually appealing but more interesting and related to my work.
I scanned an endoscopic camera to create a jig that allows for its opening.
After scanning with the POP3, the file was cleaned up to remove unnecessary parts and simplified to be better managed in Fusion360. Once the model was imported, considering the simplicity of the task and not requiring reverse engineering, it was converted from mesh to body, enlarged by 3% to compensate for FDM printing tolerances, and two separate cradles were shaped to secure the two points to be separated in the camera body.
After completing the design, the files were fed into the slicer, and after 20 hours of printing, the tool was ready.
What do you think?
Of course, this was a relatively simple project, both conceptually and in execution. If you enjoy this type of content, I could show you some reverse engineering projects I’ve done using Revopoint’s 3D scanners

If you’re interested in purchasing, you can find the POP3 at the following links:
Global: Revopoint POP 3: Portable 3D Scanner for Vibrant Color Scans
US: Revopoint POP 3: Portable 3D Scanner for Vibrant Color Scans


great and clean scan, even better jig! :clap: I always enjoy to see real life appliances of scans. thx for sharing!