Reverse Engineering with POP 2 - That Engineering Dude

In this Topic you will find showcases of the Revopoint POP 2 Being used in Reverse Engineering application. youtube video HERE


Hi @ChannelTED , you left the most important and interesting aspect from your video, what is processing, I believe myself and other users would be more interested to see your workflow and processing techniques , since reverse engineering is not just simple scanning of an object .
I do not do reverse engineering myself , since I am in the organic modeling category , but I would love to see it in action .

Thanks !


@PopUpTheVolume Hi, This specific video was to showcase the scanner can scan without crashing and losing tract with real time speed so that user can see it is a slow process. We have different sources for engineering samples so we are waiting for that video resource to be made for Youtube. It will be posted next week as for Channel TED works on a schedule.

The processing video will be posted here to.

Thanks for your interest and concern for the community.


Thank you @ChannelTED , looking forward to it .

VERY nice! Looking forward to upcoming videos as I keep trying to make my POP 1 do this but it does not want to behave :wink:

Find Link to video using Revostudio to merge scan data 3D Mesh Showcase| Revopoint POP 2 3D Scanner Can Do Reverse Engineering | Crankshaft | Ford - YouTube viewable model is in the description of the video in link

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