Display scaling / HiDPI not working as expected

Using a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 / running 2880x1920 pixels with 200% recommended scaling.
The scanning software doesn’t seem to adjust / honour the display scaling settings and everything looks absolutely waaay too small on screen which makes it impossible to work with.
Adjusting compatibility makes it work ok but also renders the interface slightly soft/blurry

Running Revo Scan on my QHD screen (2560x1440) did not require any scaling; it just automatically adapted.

Try turning Scaling back to 100% and see what happens.

100% on this screen isn’t a good idea because of pixel density. ‘Standard’ is 200% so this is where the problem starts.
Also tried ‘multiple desktops’ feature but unfortunately cannot create independent resolutions/ HIDPI scaling on those either.
So I guess there isn’t a good solution until that UI compatibility is addressed

Well, then… how about reducing it to 1920x1080 (standard HD)?

not a good idea @JeffLindstrom , every time you change your desktop scaling all your desktop icons get re-arranged. That’s an issue when you have s lot on screen.
Most (95%) of software I’m using can scale correctly on Win11, this is here to stay so it should be supported.

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What? You mean my monitor isn’t still 96 dpi? I thought all monitors have always been 96 dpi and always will be!!

[Sarcasm - Off]

Monitors stopped being 96 dpi a couple decades ago, and yet the Windows OS still insists it is 96 dpi. Most are 150 to 300 dpi now. Some are even higher.

As a software developer, I can tell you that the tools for writing high DPI aware apps have been around for as long as Windows 10 has been out. They started adding those APIs for Windows 7. There is little excuse for new product to be developed that isn’t high DPI compatible. Create a new Windows app in Visual Studio and High DPI is already present, you actually have to deliberately disable it.

Earlier version of Handy Scan was high DPI compatible, but then they refactored it and removed High DPI. My 4k 300 dpi monitor makes it nigh impossible to use the product currently so I continue to wait for a usable one.

And no, I will not reduce my display to 2K! It will totally mess up the other couple dozen apps already working fine with high DPI.


This is an update for RevoScan5 (V5.0.2.217)
Surface Pro8 display scaling is still off.
Will sometimes crash the app if attempted to make full screen.
Can run in compatibility mode but this is not desired.
Surface Pro is a great tool to capture / edit on location, with pen & touch screen support for advanced model editing.
Please fix this!