4k Screen text too small

Hi Group - finally taken delivery of my POP2 and downloaded the Scan software BUT I CAN’T READ IT! I have a 4k screen and everything is too small to read - is there a solution?

Cheers … ManorFarmer

Hi ManorFarmer,
Please set the resolution to 200%. Also, we will try to update the function of adaptation in the future.


If setting the magnification to 200% does not work, you could try lowering the Screen Resolution to 2560x1440 or 1920x1200 or 1920x1080.

The easiest way to do that is to right-click on an unoccupied area of your workbench (no program windows or icons) and use the popup.

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Changing screen scale doesn’t help at all, your software ignores it. I have 300 dpi monitor and use 300%. It should be 312.5% to get true scaling, but MS doesn’t let you set it to be correct, just near correct.

I mostly don’t use my scanners since I can’t see any text on screen. And no, I’m not going to change the screen resolution and screw up everything else on the computer that all works perfectly fine on the high DPI settings.

At one point they had it working, and then the next release broke it again. Many months later, we’re still waiting for them to fix it again…

We go through this problem over and over again …

And you are right here, one thing get fixed and another is broken again and this not only with the screen resolution , but with a lot of other things as well .

The last software that I can actually use fully for my work with POP2 is from early March .

You can alleviate that particular aggravation with a free utility that will save & restore your icon locations at any of the screen resolutions you use.



That only partially solves the issue. All the other applications have had their screen layouts configured for the high DPI screen as well, so they would all get screwed up if they were to be used as well. Its a multitasking OS and I actually do use it that way, so this is not a working solution, but would be a bit closer to one.

This issue is only fixed when Revopoint finally fixes their software. Everybody else already works correctly.

BTW, some of the feedback comments on those utilities claim they don’t work right on x64 OS and make no mention of win 10 compatibility.

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That is certainly not a problem for me. My Dell 7480 has a 64-bit OS and Windows 10 Pro. I have not seen any incompatibility complaints with Windows 10 Home, either.

I suggested it as a workaround while you wait for the desired solution. Revopoint is continually improving their software, but they’re going to do it at their own pace. My suggestion, at worst, requires only a minor change in the workflow (scan everything first, then resume normal screen resolution for working with other software).

Alternatively, all the buttons will still work, even if small. Just click a bit more carefully.

Thanks, I appreciate the offer as a temporary workaround.

I didn’t try it out, but may since who knows when Revopoint will get to fixing it again.

On a 300 dpi 17" monitor, those normal big icons render as only 2-3mm tall! Hard to hit and fairly difficult to see the actual graphic on them.

To see it in action, take a screen shot and then (in a paint program), reduce it to 30%, and then view without zooming it. Now add in an older user that uses reading glasses… Ouch!

If you are using windows there should be a preinstalled accessibility app, hit the windows key and type magnifier. It will change no settings on the computer, but your screen will zoom in and you have to pan around the screen by moving the cursor. Its not a perfect fix but it will let you use everything fine in the meantime.

Just confirmed, it is installed by default on windows 10 and it does work with RevoScan 4.0.3