Have you used QuickSurface after scanning with the Revopoint 3D Scanner in your 3D scan-to-CAD workflow? How was your experience?

Just curious, can you share that with us? :face_with_monocle:

I would like to, but the license is unfortunately too expensive for me.

I had the chance to use it for a while on the notebook of collegue of mine. There is some learning curve to it but on the other hand pretty user friendly experience and easy to get the hang of it by watching tutorials provided by manufacturer.

I liked tools for reverse engineering of more organic surfaces the most. Very powerful tools, powerful piece of software ,yet quite pricey. Still I’d like to have it on my disposal more often.

The only tool that I know that offers a comparable functionality + is affordable, is Solid Edge Community Edition (is free for personal use)

There are several demos on YouTube, like this one:

The only drawback, you’ll need a hefty PC to move it


I am working as CAD/CAM AE since 29 years an Quicksurface is the best i have experienced for reverse engineering from scanned data (mesh),
I have used Quicksurface with data from Revopoint POP 3 and Range as well as more expensive scanners (Shining 3D Freescan), Quicksurface don’t care what scanner the data comes from, as long a the mesh is of good quality.

I modelled the model for Yamaha snowmobile in the link below from scanned data (Shining, sorry…), starting in Quicksurface and finishing in TopSolid (CAD program).

I modelled the 1923 Model T body in picture below with data from Revopoint Range.

There is lots of good videos on youtube and Quicksurface web, you can download and test Quicksurface for free in 30 days.

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Funny enough I just got a copy of QuickSurface a few days ago, but I haven’t learned it yet. I wanted to see how it compared to my standard reverse engineering workflow.

There is lots of videos available that show each function in Quicksurface, and they can be reached from within the software.

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I cant find any reverse engineering at the community edition.

Nevermind, had to active sychronus


yep, you need to select synchronous mode for that.

There is a pretty good training available for free here:

Siemens Siemens Xcelerator Academy: On-Demand Training You may need to create a free account

Search for “Solid Edge for Students and Community”.

I use Rhino 3D for modelling from scan data,( mesh and point clouds). I have been using it for 25 years.
Rhino works really well with my RANGE and MIRACO scanners.
I have used Quicksurface, it is great software but too expensive.
You can see more of my work at scan2model.com.au


Beautiful work Mike as usual !

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! It’s really helpful! :heart: :blush: