Dimensioning Revopoint scans?

My project can’t wait for the Miraco release so I’m starting with a Range model. I’ll upgrade when the new Miraco’s are offered.

I’ll be using the scans to generate a dimensioned CAD drawing of large objects. My drawing tolerance requirement would be 2mm.

I’m not finding many reviews on Revopoint Range dimensioning capabilities? And what I’ve found so far is very confusing.

Can someone give me their findings on using these scanners for dimensioning purposes? Do they maintain a consistent accuracy with multiple merged scans? (cars, boats, etc…)

More or less, will these scanners meet my requirements?

I’ve scanned many car related items with the Range scanner and from tests I’ve done on a car subframe that should measured 1070mm between 2 points ( data sheet for the chassis ) the scanner was giving me a consistent measurement of between 1070.3mm and 1070.6mm, measuring with a tape measure I get about the same with 1070.5 being about as accurate as I can get with a tape measure, I don’t think your 2mm tolerance will be a problem as long as you are carful and probably best to use marker mode for best results especially on parts without many features, 8-10cm random pattern of markers works well with Range and Miraco

Thanks for the information. That’s an excellent tolerance for that scanner.

I’ll be scanning boat decks from 16’ to 35’ in length and 4’ to 14’ in width. Think I look into the EMS speed target. At 9 targets per square foot … individual stick on are not an economical manhour option.