Dead Guy 2 by POP 2 - Laser Scanning Boogaloo

Of course, the first test that I’m going to do with the POP 2 is my favorite dead guy! For those who are not familiar my first post here, this is he.

This guy turns out to be a perfect model for testing the laser scanner because he has a lot of good, small details that are not too small for the scanner. The envelope size is ideal for scanning on the turntable. He also has a lot of cavities and undercuts that make scanning and meshing difficult. This is one of the first objects that I scanned with the POP, and I was blown away by the quality.

So, I scanned him again to see how much better the POP 2 would do. I scanned him in High Accuracy Scan mode.

The point cloud is more than twice as dense as the POP 1.

A lot more details came out on the teeth and the cracks in the skull.

The mesh topology is excellent!

The POP scanner had already given impressive results on this model, but the POP 2 really brings it to a higher level.


Yikes that’s good - Just concerned over the file sizes, less is sometimes more - obviously not in this case but I’ve got some castings with so much detail the mesh really stresses the laptop out and in most cases you have to decimate the point cloud anyways to have something usable - that’s with the POP1!

It does look mighty impressive though…