DATT android app?

Hey I can’t find the datt apk for android anywhere on here anymore did it get taken down?

Got a new phone and cant track it back down.

For those wondering, it was a user created app for the dual axis turntable that had an enormous amount of functionality in it.

Let me know if it works for you


You beauty!!! Thank you!

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awsome thank you hope it will work with the newe dualaxis as well. wasn’t able to get the web based one running

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Did you tried this one Dual Axis Turntable Controller [Android ]

I tried the linked above by krofinsky and it works just awesome. It’s exactly what I was hoping for at the revocontrol app. It makes things so much easier and is perfect for the singleshot mode

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I tried a couple of different searches but couldn’t find that at the time. Thank you for providing a backup link though!!

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We where ahead of the single shot , I wanted it for capturing some photography so Johnathan added it as an extra … now with single shot it is a must have controller .

MIRACO now offers a 8K single shot option (still in beta) so it works like a charm … the most crispy textures ever …


are you statisfied with the beta? worth to register?

The beta registration ended on July 12 . Not sure if you still can do but you can contact Jane .

Regarding your question if it is worth ?

Well if you looking for beautiful sharp 8K textures in single mode , want to merge scans inside MIRACO and many other new fearures this already is worth it .
Especially the textures … so beautiful no other Revo Scanner can capture .
Feels like totally new MIRACO , very impressed with that update .