[Solved] Can't Export Color Data from Revo Studio

I can see color data in the viewer here in Revo Studio:

But the problem is that when I export the file to an obj and load it into Blender, none of the color data is contained in the resulting obj export. See here:

So how do I export the color data into the resulting obj file from revo studio? Also I noticed that the color in the scan is too dark. Is there any way to brighten the color?

To see color per vertex in Blender you need to export the scan as *.ply format from Revo Studio, import it to Blender then create & assign a new material to the object, set it Shadeless and enable Vertex Color Paint in Options. Then just set the 3D view shading to Material .

How do I set it to “Shadeless” and how do I enable “Vertex Color Paint?” This is what it looks like now:

In Blender , select Solid viewport shading, right now you have wrong shading
and click the arrow button to bring up the viewport shading menu. Set Color to Vertex and lighting to Flat
Remember export your scan from Revo Studio as *.ply , not all software support color vertex data in *.obj format . Zbrush do as well .

Screenshot 2022-04-15 085916

And please change your topic name to solved as that is not Revo Studio issue you have here , but Blender.
Unless you did not exported color data but textures from Revo Scan , that is another subject , you never provided your steps so it is hard to determine what is even going on .
Remember once you create the color textures in Revo Scan the exported obj will have no color data but color materials .It would be much easier for you to import that to Blender . Other way you need to read the Blender manual and learn how to work with Color Vertex .


Amazing thank you so much!

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Hi, could you please explain a bit more detailed of what you mean with it would be easier to import the color material to Blender, which was created in Revo Scan?

It is not actually color material it is RGB , color per vertex . I don’t work with Blender so can’t help you much with to be honest. I used it long time ago …

But when you scan in color , the point cloud has a color data , after your meshing your scan , the color data is still there, but once you hit generate textures the color data is removed from the OBJ and replaced with UVs and Textures.
So if you want to import the actual color data to Blender and transfer it to textures and create new UVs the way you like it , you export it before texturing in Revo Scan .

I made a video how to do that when texturing it in Zbrush , the process is the same just 2 different editing programs at the end, but it may give you an idea how to prepare the RGB for export to Blender, MeshLab or Zbrush .

Thank you so much, worked very well!! :))