Cyclic Adjustment of Handy Scan's

I would like a simple option added to the Handy Scan app.

Before one can scan an object, the Gain and Brightness have to be adjusted. In some modes, this can be done automatically, in others, it is totally manual. Even then, it is a ‘best fit’ that, all too often, cannot capture everything in the scene.

I would like to be able to set the Gain and Brightness to automatically cycle through their ranges during a scan, incrementing the Gain value from minimum to maximum with each successive scan and then returning to the minimum gain setting, incrementing Brightness and cycling through Gain again.

Cycling though the possible Gain settings would not take long (2 seconds), but cycling through all the Brightness settings would take much longer, so I suggest allowing the user to specify the increment.
With the wide range of Brightness settings, you could add an optional range setting of the minimum and maximum values to use.

This will allow for quicker acquisition of accurate scans with bright(er) and dark(er) sections.


This is why I would like the option of performing a cyclical variation of Gain and Brightness when scanning objects that have a wide range of reflectivity. I have tried multiple scans at different manual settings, but Handy Studio has not been able to properly align them.

The Fairy Door in this image has a window with four dark sections. These are clearly seen in the upper left, while the mangled result is shown in the large window. It seems to me that Handy Scan should have captured the struts bisecting the ‘vanes’, but the result is just a mangled mess that will require time-consuming editing.