MUCH better results with newest software

Just a quick note to thank you Revo folk for Handy Scan version

I’m experiencing MUCH better results as compared to the previous version, especially when it comes to pausing the scan, repositioning the scanner and unpausing to continue scanning. This used to be an extremely unreliable part of the process that now works flawlessly. It quickly and accurately figures out where it is and continues the scan without issue, as one would expect it to do! VERY NICE!

FYI, my chosen scan mode is “Feature” with no colour. I have not tried any other mode using this new version.

Cheers :wink:


I’ve been struggling with it. I was doing decent with the previous versions.

The software makes a night and day difference.
To me, it was recognizing incorrect parts, but it was picking them up fast. Almost too fast.

I used to use body mode, but now I think feature may be my go to.

I honestly think it will be much better in marker mode now.

Hi @onehunkytenor @kennytent ,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

We will keep improving our software.

Best Regards