U.S. backer # 1354

As a fairly early backer, I would have expected that I would have already received the scanner. What is the status of my order?

Got it! No notification, it just appeared on the doorstep. Now to learn how to use it. Seems to work although the software interface is not very intuitive so I’ll have to actually read the manual(s)!
Back when I working in Silicon Valley and we introduced the first commercial digital cameras and desktop scanners, I, as the marketing guy, designed the interface and software engineering had to enable it. We have few questions about how to use the software.
Engineers are not great UI designers and users are frequently not engineers.
I did get a mesh into Meshmixer and it looks as I would expect since the lights in the room got turned off in mid-scan. The scan model has two noses.
Anyway, good job Revopoint!

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