I was wondering if the POP accessories (light, stabilizer, power bank) could be used with the Miraco, especially the power bank, even if it is not very aesthetically pleasing.

Power bank for Pop is only 1/4 of the capacity of the Miraco battery and only ouputs at 5V 1.5A if I remember correctly. That’s not going to do much for Miraco. If you want a battery, anything that is USB PD is what you want.
Stabiliser, nope. Miraco is too heavy.
Light, sure. I use an external light for better texture capture with Miraco. The built in lights are usually sufficient in near mode though.

As @Rilot stated already , only the Light you can use to improve the color scanning especially in Far mode , you need a powerful fast charging power bank with minimum 5V/3A , the one used by POP is not enough , you need to charge MIRACO before use , only very powerful power banks can be used while scanning ,I have 50.000mA 5V/3A output and can use it while scanning without problem, my other power banks with output of 5V/2A and 10.000mA was worthless and not much usable while scanning .

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Thanks for your help :+1: