Can't connect all POP 2 components & battery together!

I’m having a problem using the portable battery with the POP 2. With the POP 1 a Cold-Shoe-to-Screw mount was included allowing everything to connect together. But there was no such mount included with the POP 2 so I have to either remove the camera tilt or the phone mount when I include the battery as there is no way to connect everything without that shoe-to-screw mount. Is this mount missing from my order or is this a very serious & ill-thought-out exclusion on your part Revopoint?

I cannot use the mount from the POP 1 as you changed cold shoe sizes between versions so it doesn’t fit any of my POP 2 components. Furthermore my POP 1 is up for sale so I have to include the mount with that item.

Note: my order did not include a light as I thought I’d be able to use the POP 1 version with the POP 2. Unfortunately you either neglected to inform us you were changing shoe size specs, -or- I did not see that update, so nothing fits between the two versions. If you included a cold shoe with the POP 2 light but not the battery then that is an error on your part not mine, as I should not be obligated to buy a light in order to include a battery in my setup.

Please explain how I’m supposed to link all these POP 2 components & the battery together without that mount. If you can’t then please advise how you intend to fix this problem for those of us who trusted & bought from you in good faith.

Hi @Ziglen ,

Usually, we connect the camera, phone holder and the power bank as below.

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