Miraco as Platform?

I see in the “final” YouTube that we can attach Monitor to the Miraco and on guy has try out with a USB-C touch monitor and it works. It this a off. Supported feature, so we can use on long term?
And will be possible to use Miraco as a “Mother ship” for other Scanner? So I plug in the mini and I get a third Mode “High Details” Mode beside Distance mode and Near mode.
And if not: Why? :grin:

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Now that would be very cool!

No idea about the support for other device plugged in but the ability to use an HDMI screen should still be there. I’ve been using mine with a pair of X-Real Air AR glasses!

Using MIRACO as s mother ship is not allowed , neither you can install other apps supporting other scanners .
I did that btw but it was short experience that ended soon . Unless you want to void warranty you can hack the system to do so.

It is possible to project Miraco on a TV or any portable projector and it works as I hooked Miraco to my 120 inches projector as well .

With touch monitor not sure , Miraco support HDMI to USB C and have adapter included in it’s package .

Miraco software don’t support other Revopoint scanners , it is strictly designed to support only Miraco hardware .
Each app feature need to correspond with scanner hardware firmware . Other way it will not work . It is not designed for that in first place .

What I did was actually installing RevoScan5 application as a companion app to use with other scanners and it worked . But this window opportunity has been closed :closed_lock_with_key::pensive: to me .

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