Power bank requirements

Unfortunately I’ve just recieved an email saying my power bank can’t be delivered to my country (UK).

What I would like to know is what is the minimum spec powerbank I would need to buy for my miraco, and is there such a think a maximum spec (I don’t want to ruin the scanner)
Thank you bin advance

Hi Gary

Most of the power banks can’t be delivered because they are over 20W and can’t go through the air …

Go to Amazon UK and get yourself a proper one , at least PD 14-20 W

If you don’t take it with you on a plane you can buy this one , amazing I got 2 … it charges MIRACO as fast as the included charger .

PD 30W 50.000mAh


I run my pop3 and mini2 off of 4000 and 5000-ish mAh powerbanks that can supply 2amps, all is well.

We talked about MIRACO , it is very power hungry , 10.000mAh power bank get empty in half hour , nothing compared to pop3 or mini 2 power needs. It needs lots of power . 14 watts minimal to 33 watts preferably with minimal 3 Amps

WOW! On second thought, that aint that much, since it is a complete scanning system.
Yeah I was just adding a comment here thinking it might be useful for others stumbling on this topic, llking for powerbanks for their other scanners.

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I know , that why I reply as users get quickly confused with all the scanners they have .

I actually purchased 2 x 10000 Amp for MIRACO but quickly got myself 50K when on the way as it provide the full power charging needs , it uses 3Amp x 12V to charge MIRACO in 30 min ( fast charging )

The original MIRACO charger I have is 65 Watts with max 12V

Regular 5V 2 Amp power banks are not enough for MIRACO , maximum it can get only 10 watts , 20 watts too short .