Clone yourself as a metahuman

Yes, it works! I’ve used POP 2 to create myself as a Metahumans, and it is very accurate.
Here’s a short video to let you see that the POP 2 is very handy to create Metahumans. If you want more details, I will make a longer video.


That’s cool! Trending and refreshing! Thanks for sharing, fpierron! A longer video with more details will help others who are also interested in using POP 2 to make meta-human of themselves. :laughing:

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3rd video - how to transfer your consciousness into your meta human body and take over the world!!!
Skynet will be finished soon :wink:

Really is awesome. I would like to see more. I would also like to see what kind of computer equipment you used or if unreal just does everything online (in the “cloud” otherwise known as a computer room lol). Wonder if I can get a good enough scan with my original POP for this…


WOW, WOW, WOW, that was fantastic. Hopefully everyone becomes Meta Soon…

I would love the full tutorial if you can find the time, Thanks

@fpierron , that’s very nice.
I already have my head model from POP device, and it is a perferct one with hair.
Do I still need blender for this process ?
Can’t I directly import the file from POP (ply or stl) to metahuman creator ?

Will you be providing a detailed (slightly more detailed) tutorial ?


Since there is no tutorial/guide from youi I tried to follow these:

But everytime, UE5 crashes at the point where I try to “solve metahuman identity”
Any ideas ?

Reduce the mesh? Maybe too heavy.
I m on holiday. I will do a tutorial in august.

How can I “reduce the mesh” ?
I have blender but I don’t know how to use it. I mean I really don’t know what does “reduce” mean for a mesh

If you have blender: reduce mesh blender - Google Search


the initial fbx file was 42MB, so I simplified it to 5MB
But the crash still occurs. What was the size of your mesh that you used in UE5 ?


I tried with a 700KB file. Still fails. Is there something that I should do before importing to Unreal 5 ?

is there anyone with success converting FBX file to metahuman in UE5 ?

Ask Revpoint , they just made video converting scan to metahuman but not a tutorial just showcase .

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We imported the OBJ. file of face scan to UE5.

well, I also tried that , however, UE5 crash when I try to “solve metahuman” on UE5.
Can you provide step by step instructions ?
maybe with a video ?

YouTube is full of videos about how to import obj to use in metahuman .

@PopUpTheVolume ,
I know, but none of them is troubleshooting a crash.
I am doing exactly what I see on videos, but UE5 crash at that point.
I thought, maybe I have a problem with my obj file and it needs some fix on Blender before importing to UE5.

And I am not sure if I should use the obj file with texture or not…

UE5 crashes because there are 2 plugins that may be not enabled by default

1.Web Authentication Plugin
2. Web Browser

There may be also an issue during the dropping metahuman into the scene, since it is necessary to disable Hair simulation in the metahuman hair component before dropping it .

Other issues that could cause it is low end computer .

That is all I found on this subject .

I think you may get better help in UE5 forum if your issue continues , as there is more users with this issues .

Good luck !

well, I am using a PC with RTX3080 GPU. It is obviously not low end.
About the plugins; I will have a look. But if the problem was plugins, instead of crashing UE5 would produce an error/warning. Am I wrong ?

I have no idea , that what users reported .
Check it out , at least you will know more about and eliminate things that don’t apply to your issue . But if your issue still persist, you will have more chance to get help from the support team of UE5 as they deal with it on a daily basis and know more about .