First Test scan & the retopoligizing in Maya 2022

My Pop scanner finally arrived (after sitting in transit for over two months).

Here’s my first attempt at a scan of the greek sculpture that comes packaged with the Pop scanner. I then took the final scan as an OBJ file into Maya for retopology using the quad draw tool.

Spiderman Colors - in this pic you can see I move a little further into retopology of the scanned mesh… Sure I could be using re-mesh etc… but Maya’s quad draw provides more accuracy & its heaps more fun :slight_smile:
Worth noting : I’m adding the extra edge loops around the eye and mouth to allow for rigging and final character animation. I intend to add some lip-sync so blend shapes will also be added and eventually mo-cap as I have a Perception Neuron motion capture suit here at home.
Perception Neuron also run a VPS System for virtual studios that we hope to run at work in coming months… more on that later.


Hi @Banksy

It looks cool! Thank you for sharing! I had pinned it to top.

Looking forward to seeing more showcases from you.

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In this second image I was playing with Z-Brush’s "Z-Remesher " tool & also Maya’s "Quad Draw " Tool.
Notice in the Maya image (left) I started to adjust the lips to create a mouth opening.
I also played around with the ear and hair in Z-Brush - I was just testing out some of the sculpting tools. I’ll get a little serious later :slight_smile:

NOTE: WOOD CARVING - I’m interested in exporting my scans to carve into wood via a CNC machine.
I built a LowRider2 for relief carving & making kids toys furniture etc… more on that in another post.

LowRider2 overview

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Wow, I believe your son will like your final work!

You looks very professional, are you a designer or engineer?

I am a 3D animation lecturer here in Sydney Australia.
Now I am interested in sharing my knowledge with anyone interested.
I like to make things for my two sons aged 2 & 3 years. I hope to scan some StarWars characters and then carve them out on my CNC machine. Perhaps scan my sons faces and carve them into some nice hard wood.

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I see. No wonder that you looks so professional in 3d modeling.

It sound so great to make toys for your sons by yourself. It is also one of the original intention when we design this product.

Can’t wait to see your final work. Looking forward to your further post.

Here’s a great software application called "INSTANT MESH " It will retopoligize your scanned mesh for FREE !!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more scan results from you.

instant mesh is great esp because you can draw edgeflow on it :slight_smile: used it a few times for sculpting stuff it works lovely :slight_smile:

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