Charge and transfer data at the same time


Is that possible to transfer data with a PC and charge the Miraco at the same time? Normally the power of PC USB is not enough to charge the Miraco (which needs 65 W), and so I cannot use Miraco in real time mode.
I try to use a splitter type C, with one to transfer data, with another to charge. But in this mode it does not work for data transmission.
Is there any way to transfer data with a PC and charge the Miraco at the same time?
Thank you so much for any advices.

It charging but the level of charge is very low and slow . Charge your MIRACO before use on your PC .

It can use 12W as well it don’t need 65W , usually at max it uses only 22W.
And you can use it in real time without issues as I am doing it as well all the time .

You can’t use USB C splitter , MIRACO port don’t support that
Charge it with regular power outlet before use in real time on PC .

MIRACO is standalone scanning solution , the ability to use it with PC for scanning is only a bonus , it uses very low power when doing it as only scanning hardware is active while scanning via PC , a full charge before scanning via PC will do the trick .

I would not recommend to scan and power it constantly even if possible because it would kill the battery quick and you need the battery to last as long it can .

Charge to 80% and recharge at 20% to keep it healthy, if not used for a long period of time , charge it fully at least once a month .

Thank you for your reply and suggestions.
That is really a pity that Miraco cannot scan in PC mode and charge at the same time.
I use Miraco for the production line. Therefore Miraco needs to scan continuously and transmit data to the PC in real time for post-processing.
I have tested in PC scan mode without charging, Miraco can only work for 3-4 hours, which is too short for production line.

I personally strongly recommend adding the function to transfer data and charge at the same time.

Thank you

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I use also for production but more outdoors , for indoors I have the regular scanners Ranger 2 , Mini 2 and others .
I purchased 50Ahm power bank charger for MIRACO that’s allows me to scan for 3 times more , but for real time PC usage , it can’t charge fast enough for that benefit, even if adding fast charging function it will kill your motherboard USB port sooner or later so not really recommend.

What I use is external powered USB C ports to avoid damaging of my motherboard, I recommend you get one if you scan a lot on your PC . It may help keeping the MIRACO battery for a little bit longer than 3 hours while scanning with it via PC .

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Thank you so much for your suggestions.

You said that adding fast charging function will kill the motherboard USB port. Have you tried that and the motherboard USB port of MIRACO is killed?

The USB-C port of MIRACO cannot be used with fast charging at all? Or it just cannot be used with fast charging when connected to PC?
The idea is as you mentioned to use an external powered USB-C ports, I can use an external powered USB-C ports with a higher power out, and in this way the MIRACO can work in PC mode and get charge at the same time.

Thank you again
Best regards

It is nothing to do with MIRACO killing anything , Motherboards USB ports should be not used to charging heavy equipments , it is. it designed for that kind of power usage , buy yourself a powered USB port , your motherboard will last longer , no matter what you charge it on while using .

For fast charging you need at least 22W … some modern motherboards have this kind of USB fast charging ports like for example my Gigabyte MOBO that support fast charging .

But don’t expect if will power your MIRACO at full while using , impossible task unless you at least have 30 min breaks between scanning , but you can also connect I direct to the outlet for that matter .

You see MIRACO scanning via PC is just a bonus added for my request at the end o the testing phase , it was never intended to do so as that is not the major feature of the device to be wired to PC if you know what I mean , so not really priority .
You can’t also change the hardware to do what you like it to do … so the best way just change your workflow for now .

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I will try an external powered ports to see if that works for me or not.

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Definitely you should
I use this one

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Thank you so much for the link!
I will try it.

Best regards

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you more than welcome !