Can't Upgrade Firmware Mac OS M2 Ventura

Installed all software (RevoStudio and RevoScan), but can’t get the firmware, nor activate RevoStudio. My internet is 100% working. Seeing so many people with so many problems… is discouraging.

What is your internet firewall configuration?

None. Before the whole “it’s your internet”. I’m a software engineer. There’s no problem with my internet.

Then I suppose you have also checked your email’s Trash folder for the missing reply with Revo Studio’s activation code.

On another point, how are you powering your scanner and connecting it to your system? PUTV has opined, more than once, that a single USB connection providing both power and data can fail, but using the splitter to separate power and data provides much more reliable operation.

Personally, I prefer the WiFi Client mode where the scanner connects to Revo Scan on my computer or phone through my home router.