Revoscan doesnt update firmware of my POP 2

Today I have tried to update the firmware of my POP2 with Revoscan´s Update button inside “about” window.

After an warning window about the process and about not to disconnect the scanner during update the scanner self disconnect but nothing appear in the screen and firmware has not been updated.

After desconnect and reconnect the scanner it runs without problems but with the initial firmware.

Is there any problem with updating process or that is the latest version?

Please… help.

Thanks in advance.


Hey, check that Revo scan has access thru the firewall.

With the current Revo Scan, I have performed updates via Wifi and USB, so that will not be the problem (at least directly), but your power source may be interfering.

Did you connect to your computer via USB? If so, a spike in the current drain may pull the USB port out of spec. If you are going to try again, I’d use a wall wart rated for 10 watts (minimum) or one of the Revopoint batteries (I’d be leery of the off-brand batteries).

How you performed updates via WiFi when Revo Scan need access to internet to download the firmware ? it can only update the firmware via USB data cable , or your computer was using WiFi and POP2 USB for data ?

There are 2 possibilities , your firmware version is using safety that will prevent your POP2 to be upgraded at this moment and this firmware upgrade is disabled on the server to be upgraded as many people get bad results including me, as my old POP2 have the same firmware as yours and got locked while the process.

Second , after your POP2 shut down and you see only a blue light , hover over the icon of the Revo Scan in the taskbar moving the cursor over the thumb , when you do, a dialog will show up asking you to click OK and upgrade … however when you try to click it , it will disappear so the process of downloading can’t be started , that why your firmware is not updated , and that is simply a bug that need to be fixed .

I updated my old beta MINI without major issues , my old POP2 get locked, and new one have latest firmware.

My Dell 7480 laptop (a mid-range business model with 2 hyperthreaded cores) has two WiFi chips, supporting simultaneous Hotspot and standard WiFi (also, connecting to the scanner as a router and to the internet at the same time).

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Thanks so much…
How can I know wich is the latest firmware of my POP2…?
How can I know if my firmware updates are lock…?

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When the version is updated , the upgrade button will be gone .

The updated button was gone when I updated the Revoscan version to 4.04. Does it mean my firmware version is up to day? However, I noticed that there is some newer firmware for Pop 2. It’s pretty confusing. :thinking:

I noticed that yesterday , but the firmware update process don’t works on my Win10 system anymore , it stops after I click the new Update button for some reason.

There is new version , but since everything working fine I am ignoring it for now .

What is the date of the new firmware version?

Where have you seen that there is a new firmware for POP2? I cannot find information about that…


I don’t have it from my head , but I am getting update button … and I just upgraded it not long time ago
I will post when connect again

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if you see update button active then it has new version .

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