LED Cold Shoe (connector) doesn't fit on tripod

I got an Addon LED unit with my POP 2 but I find that the LED unit won’t fit onto the tripod below the POP 2. The LED shoe connector is to wide to fit into the tripod connector.

I wanted to hook it up so it would be:

POP 2 Unit
LED Unit
(adjustable holder)

from top to bottom.


Hi Roger, please follow the steps below to install LED light for the POP 2 scanner:

Step 1, attach the phone holder below the scanner;
Step 2, connect the cold shoe mount under the phone holder, this will then allow you to install the LED light below;
Step 3, attach your power bank after the LED light.

The parts should go in this manner
POP2 scanner, Phone holder, Cold shoe mount, LED light, and the power bank

Please see attached images.

I see. I didn’t realized there was a little adapter to go between the LED and the phone holder. I was using it with my laptop so I didn’t need the phone holder.

Thanks again!