Can the Original POP be used with RevoScan on OSX?

If I plug the POP in by USB to my Mac, with RevoScan open, it will sometimes connect, but it’ll show a single frame of what the RGB camera saw at the moment of connection, and the depth camera never shows anything.

At the status line (bottom right) it says “An Exception occurred while reading the RGB camera’s data”

Also, in the settings (gear icon), the firmware button doesn’t work (it highlights, but clicking does nothing)

What I’m really trying to do is figure out if I can use the POP with RevoScan on OSX or iOS, but NOT have to do that security nightmare garbage of changing my iPhone’s hotspot credentials.

Basically, I love how the Mini connects, and want to know if I can make it so the POP connects that way, too. Thanks.

The original POP does not have the flexibility to connect that is present in the POP 2 & Mini.

However, you can connect the POP to your home router using its SSID and Password (no included spaces). With Revo Scan running on a computer or smart phone that is connected to the same router, they will connect (only at 2.4 GHz and no Marker mode).