POP 2 will have the Calibration feature soon!

As a professional 3D scanner, the most important and essential feature is ‘Calibration’, and it will be released with the Revopoint POP 2 soon!


Great feature really professional!
Revopoint team go on to improve the POP scanner, more and more.


An improvement in the software should also be, when you stop the scan with the stop button, you should have the option to cancel and return to the scanning process… Currently you only have restart and complete… A cancel option would do good, so you wont loose an existing scan, that you by accident pushed the stop button instead of pause…


And will this feature be available for the POP?


Very good news !
As professional I would die to have the option to capture the model textures with my own DSL or Phone for a better textures quality , it would make it perfect , I know you can make it ! crossing my fingers !

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Good question. Revipoint think to buy new device and nothing upgrade POP. So is no good company.

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You are responding to the question as if it is the answer, which is not a good idea.

We do not know if the POP can be calibrated, but we do know that the original POP can use the same software as the new POP 2 (to the best of its abilities, of course; it will not get higher resolution).

So, it is quite possible that the POP can be calibrated, but we just have to wait for official confirmation from Revopoint. It is possible that the source file for the calibration card can be provided as a PDF so that it can be printed instead of sold. Again, we will have to wait and see.


Yea, yea, yea - we will have to wait, we need, we must. I nothing must. I’m a free

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Hi Cassie,
I wanted to know if a firmware upgrade for beta tester units is expected, for using calibration feature, 10 fps/s wifi host mode and 0.05 accuracy

I am hoping that the developers keep trying to improve the original pop as it seems that this forum has turned into pop2 marketing. Although it is nice to see the lucky few having great results please don’t forget the early pop1 adopters.

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Hi @Gbo

Thank you for your suggestion.

Actually, we are trying our best to keep all our effort both on POP and POP 2.

As you can see, we had released the newest beta software V4.0.0 for POP users firstly. We didn’t tell users, but when our develop time for POP 2 was very limited, and all our Xi’an developers worked from home because of Covid-19 at that time, we have chosen to work overtime and try our best to finish the new version for POP users firstly as soon as we can. Then focus our attention on POP 2 software development.

If we don’t value the early POP adopters, we can also pay all our attention to POP 2 development firstly, then release this new version for POP in the near future, right?

I think you feel that the forum is turned into POP 2 marketing because we posted many POP 2 info these days, but that’s because POP 2 are at the pre-sale stage which means we have many updates need to let the backers know. Sincerely hope you can understand. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Have a nice day!

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Hi Davide,

Yes, I will let you know once it is available.

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Great news Revopoint, and very important/essential feature for anyone using the scanner to reverse engineer or design technical parts.

Will the Calibration sheet/plate be included in the POP2 shipments?

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Hi @Worth2die4

Yes, the calibration board will be included in the POP 2 shipments. And all users will get it no matter you bought the standard package or the premium package.

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Can the original POP be calibrated?

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At present, it can’t. But in the future, it can.

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So following your thinking, if my car manufacturer offers me to buy a new car (with lots of upgrades) instead of giving me the same upgrades for my '63 Beetle for free its also not a good company?

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