How much RAM for the MINI?

Hi @Revopoint3d-Selina @PopUpTheVolume or anyone who might know. I will be receiving my MINI scanner soon and had a question about RAM for the Revoscan and Revostudio PC software.

  1. What is the minimum amount of RAM recommended for using the MINI on the PC?
  2. Is it correct that a higher amount of RAM would make things process faster (fusing & meshing)? Or does the software set a limit to how much RAM it uses? I understand CPU, and the SSD play a part also with processing time.

My laptop currently has 8gb of RAM but can expand to 32gb. If more will make things faster I will upgrade my computer.


Hi @Toaster after the last software update you will be fine with just 8GB , but the recommend is 16GB , if you going to scan bigger objects it may need more .
Lots of RAM make the computer working faster and smoother , and 8GB is just on the edge, so not as much available from that for serious scanning .
So test out for now and upgrade as you need .


Thank you @PopUpTheVolume , I will do some tests when the scanner arrives to track the RAM usage.
I assume you have a powerful workstation given the high end 3D work you do. Have you noticed if the Revopoint software utilizes close to 16gb of RAM or higher while fusing or meshing larger, complex objects with the MINI?

Yes I do , but after the last software update the usage go down to maximum 6 GB and did not reach higher while scanning , normally around 4-6GB max.
Before the update it reached 32GB , but they improved it already .

Bigger object to 13inches may still need more RAM than 6GB , so test it out how your laptop handle it and then you can decide on the upgrade of your laptop .
I know couple beta testers have just 8GB and doing fine on their laptops .

But everyone have different needs .
If you going to scan only small objects then you may not need RAM upgrade at all, it depends of what you need .

So once you get MINI check out how it perform, make sure your laptop support OpenGL 4 .


@PopUpTheVolume Thanks for your thoughts. That is interesting about the lower RAM usage after the software update. I guess they found a way to more efficiently use less because that is a significant reduction compared to previously reaching 32gb.

I’ll do as you suggested and see if my system is sufficient for my needs when the scanner arrives.

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I am very glad they found a way to reduce the usage , it took too long to process all the files before , but after the update things got so much smoother and 2 times faster .
The early software used very low RAM and no more than 1GB , but when you have new scanners that process much more data than before it is normal to get little higher .

I am very happy with the latest version , just almost perfect , once it can control the dual axis turntable, it will be just perfect .

Usually the scanners are always better than the software no matter who make them , so a huge room for improvements . Revopoint going in a very good direction right now .

When you get your MINI try to scan small object and bigger and monitor the RAM usage under Task Manager so you see exactly the usage while processing , the fussing is on a very low RAM usage now , meshing taking slightly more , but not 32GB anymore .


I’m using a Windows tablet with 8GB RAM and with the new version i see about 1.5GB used instead of 4-5GB which was all remaining RAM as PUTV said its much faster now :sunglasses:


I was doing yesterday POP2 stress tests and it reach between 1 to 6 GB max mostly while meshing , it also depends of how many rotation you captured , so when using just 369 degree capture , it was pretty low , if using my dual axis turntable it used close to 6 GB for a slightly moment while meshing . But never more than that .

Usually when you have 8 GB RAM, you have around 5-6GB available for processing , it all depends what size of the model you scanning and how detailed the surface it . Flatter surface less data etc …

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Thank you @PopUpTheVolume @Johnathan for the additional information. It seems the software is getting better all the time, that is good to know.

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Yes it is , the latest update is one of the best when it get about the speed , quality and resources .

It was a long overdue…

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