Bluetooth connection for iPhones?

I am preferring to use my iphone as a scanner and transfer the raw file data to PC for faster and better processing.
Whilst this all works, I find it cumbersome that I have to connect to the RANGE via WiFi whilst Bluetooth would be the better option, this way I the iPhone could stay on the same WiFi network as the PC for immediate (and repeated) transfer.
I find this particularly relevant when a scan is done repeatedly, because of missed sections, etc.
Is there a reason why Bluetooth is not an option?
It does do Bluetooth 4.1 so this is either an Apple thing (trusted device platform?) or not yet implemented? I see the app does connect to turntables, etc, so…???

Bluetooth speed is only 1-3 Mbps , Bluetooth is typically used for transferring small chunks of data, so no it will not works , even 2.4Ghz WiFI is too slow for that process in real time .

There is a lot of apps that allows you to use your mobile phone as a screen for your PC via WiFi , however your scanner need to be wired to your PC with extension USB cable.

Some projects can reach more that 1GB in size , I have even 5GB projects , this amount of data can’t be processed in realtime and definitely not via Bluetooth.

OK, understood, what about a hybrid approach:
My Insta360 OneR is a trusted Bluetooth device that then can be ‘connected’ via WiFi through a button press in the app. That also works quite well for most parts and saves time switching.

A better way of connecting to iOS would be much appreciated. Personally, I’d like to see Revopoint support a wired connection but that would involve giving Apple money to have the scanners certified as MFi.

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That is so true Andrew and that would be costly , but you see not even all Android devices support wired connection even the latest that state to have OTG function . It is a lotery , most of my phones and android tables refuse wired connection with the scanner and RS5 and all of them support normal OTG function .

I suggest you post your idea and suggestion the RS5 thread as it is recorded for , or you can submit your suggestion directly via RS5 ( latest version ) it will go directly to the for future consideration .

shall do, thank you!

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