Revo Scan Feedback


I’m reaching out to suggest several enhancements for the keyframe editor in Revo Scan, which I believe would significantly improve user experience and efficiency.

Previous Frames Visibility: It would be highly beneficial to have an option that allows users to view previous frames without displaying future frames. This feature would enable users to observe the object being constructed as they progress through the frames, making it easier to distinguish between good and bad frames.

Frame Hide Option: Adding a feature to hide frames, alongside the existing delete option, could be incredibly useful. This would be particularly helpful in situations where there are more detailed frames in the middle of the sequence but not at the beginning. For instance, if the scanner loses track at frame 1000 and the object reappears at a different location by frame 1001, but all subsequent frames from 1001 to 4000 are detailed, having the ability to hide rather than delete frames would be advantageous.

Frame Alignment Tool: Introducing a frame alignment option would be invaluable. If certain frames are misaligned, providing the capability to adjust and correct them manually would enhance the editing process.

AI Integration for Processing: Lastly, could there be a possibility to integrate AI technology for processing? An integration with something like ChatGPT could offer advanced capabilities and streamline workflows.

These enhancements would not only improve the functionality and usability of Revo Scan but also significantly contribute to a more seamless and productive user experience. I look forward to your thoughts on these suggestions.

Best regards


Hi @al747

You suggestion is impressive, any feedback you have to enhance RevoScan is very welcome and we will carefully evaluate your suggestions.

Thank you for your input!

Dear Jane,
Thank you for reaching out.
Unfortunately, I am unable to provide further detailed feedback at this time. The equipment I possess, including the first edition of both the Original Revo Scan and the Revo Scan Range, is now outdated and no longer meets my current needs. As such, it’s not feasible for me to continue evaluating the product without updating my hardware, which I am unable to do at my own expense.
Thank you for understanding, and I wish you a wonderful day.
Warm regards,