Water pipes outside an apartment complex

This water pipe assembly outside an apartment complex caught my eye. Late at night, I scanned it with my Miraco Pro in High Accuracy mode. The assembly is some 7’ long (a bit over 2 meters). I was still sore from the gym, so I didn’t contort myself to capture all the nooks and crannies. I did not use scanning spray. The resulting project size approaches 2 GB, comprised of 3,978 frames.


Looks very good, do you use it to add something to it?

Not yet. I was planning on using it to evaluate some software for Reverse Engineering, but closer inspection reveals I have to go back and scan it again.

Because of the holes on the back?

No, because some of the details got extra-munged. I’d like to just delete the individual frames, but that isn’t feasible. While Revo Scan has this ability, now, it doesn’t work in Mesh display mode and trying to identify the bad frames in the Raw display is just… annoying.


I had exactly the same problem recently. I think you could post a suggestion about it here in the forum. If necessary, you can select points with the lasso in frame edit mode and all affected frames will be displayed or marked.

Great Scans, thank you !
I have tried the built in Frame player in Revoscan and it is very helpful
But … it would be great if each scan would highlight in a separate colour as it is selected in the list so it can be identified easily .


I started a suggestion here: Better selection in Frame Editor

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Hi Jeff,

Keyframe editing is an edit of the original data (without point cloud fusion, mesh, texture) and therefore only works in Raw mode. After making changes in keyframe editing, you need to redo the point cloud fusion, mesh, texture.

In order to solve this problem, our subsequent optimization plan is: when the software detects the keyframe editing modification, it will prompt the user to perform point cloud fusion and mesh.

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I would think the best optimization plan would allow the user to see the Fused or Meshed object and click on the bad data to have those Frames be displayed for editing or deletion.

My scan of the water pipe assembly is 3,978 frames and the only way I can find the bad data frames it is to watch a video from the beginning.