Anyone has blue laers issue with Mini?

Hi everyone,

I just got my Mini today, the blue light does not turn on, other two cameras are working just fine. I had a few scan when I got it, dont know why it stops working

Anyone can help please?

How are you powering it? Maybe not enough power if you use normal USB port, try a mains adapter and connect by WiFi see if that makes any difference

When you turn it on and open Revo Scan check if the blue leaser is on and glowing , you should have the blue laser on and visible once the scanner connect to the software .
If you connected to Revo Scan and only RGB camera is on and not visible blue light , please contact the customer service for quicker support .

Remember you can’t scan outdoors or in a very bright light. You need controlled ambient light for best results .

I’m inclined to think that your power supply was barely adequate and has now failed. Were you using USB or WiFi? Did you see an Error 7 notification in Revo Scan?

If using a computer or laptop, USB 3 ports are supposed to have a blue polarity tab for Type A ports (my Dell 7480 laptop does not have blue tabs, but the specs say they are USB 3). Even so, I think I have burned out one of the ports after extended use (a dozen hours at a time, multiple times).

If you are using WiFi, then get a power bank or AC adapter rated for 10 watts or 2 amps, minimum.

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Jeff the other cameras working fine , only the blue laser is down so not power issues … i go through this but there was other reason than USB .

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Hi I had exactly the same issue

after first connection to PC the blue light of laser sensor turned off and never more woke up.
RGB camera works fine but it’s impossible to make any scan neither by WiFi or USB-C or USB 3.0. On any software version. The blue laser sensor seems to be dead.

Did anyone found a solution?


Hi @Luke , in this case @Revopoint3d-Selina will let you know how to process this issue .
There is nothing you can do, if it do not turn back on anymore .

You say the RGB still working and you can connect to Revo Scan just not blue light or Depths camera preview right?

If yes the Selina will ask you to make video showing this issue before she send you to the Support team for future assistance.

Hi @PopUpTheVolume
Yup, that’s the problem. I added screenshots will see what happen…

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Please check out the methods below and see if one of them can help.

  1. Unplug and plug the scanner into the laptop again.

  2. When the scanned object is too close to the scanner, the optical projector activates the self-protection mechanism, especially when the distance between the scanner and the object is smaller than 5cm, and the blue laser light turns off. Move the scanner a little bit far away from the object scanned.

  3. Make sure you didn’t use the scanner in a high-temperature environment. The high temperature might activate the self-protection mechanism, so the blue light turns off.

If the problem still exists, please provide a video showing the problem. So that we can check it out. Thanks!