Another day, another Range 2 scan

Another day with the RANGE2 and another body scan… and I have to say I might have been a little hasty saying this wasn’t necessarily an auto-upgrade from the RANGE… at least for body scans!

I did a fair few body scans with the original RANGE, and although I was always happy with the results, the scans always needed a fair bit of editing in post… but hey, that’s body scanning, right?

Except with the RANGE2 I just barely seem to need to do any. This latest one of my old school buddy that I catch up with once a month or so for a guitar jam - we did this scan just before he headed off home.

Considering we’d been up until 2.30am that morning so were both a little worse for wear and not really 100% fit to stand on turntables or operate scanners, this came out almost totally clean.

The renders below are of the data totally raw from Revo Scan 5 - just fused, meshed and auto-filled, and I have to say it’s awesome. Yeah, so the very top of the head could use a little work (the ceiling was pretty low!) and maybe a wee bit of smoothing on the inside of one sleeve, but compared to the usual body editing? It’s nothing.

I’m not sure if it’s the tracking chip, the extra FOV, both, or improvements in RS5 that just pull everything together better from the new system, but it just seems to need almost zero work in post.

So yeah - if most of your RANGE work is body scans, just pull the plug and trade in/sell up for the new one. At least that’s my two cents - I don’t reckon you’d be sorry. The colour map isn’t half bad too for solely system-illuminated. I reckon you could easily use this scan as a mid or background character in a production.

Happy days!