A Buck Skull Scanned with the Range

Here is a nice scan with the Range that shows some complex geometry and long, skinny features. This was done on a large turntable in multiple scans and multiple merges.


I missing the RGB version of it , it was so good too , love that scan you showed to us on our NYC meeting .

Well done Zoltan

Oh, yeah. Cassie and I were experimenting with a workflow for reimporting exported points, and I lost the color. Here is the last model with colors:

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I do reimported edited point clouds and meshed back to the project before by replacing the original one with great success . There are some rules to avoid of course while editing outside RS5 .

Thanks for sharing the RGB :+1:t2:

This is exactly what I’ll be using my scanner for. I have a mini but it can’t handle anything bigger than a mug sized object. I might be swapping it with a Pop2. Hoping to get the same kind of results doing full wall mounts in colour