Scanning my 11yo with the RANGE2

“They grow up so quick!” folk always say… well, maybe, but some of us can always shrink them down again!

I did a quick scan of my somewhat reluctant daughter, who only agreed to pose if she could keep her earphones on and listen to music.

I agreed, thinking I’d just have to make excuses to you guys for the rubbish data on her head (there was a fair bit of chrome on the headphones)… yet they turned out great!

The eyes could have been better, but it’s really difficult to edit out blink frames with the Range2, as each time you change frames it resets the view to default/zoomed out, and I really couldn’t be bothered to soft through about 700 frames working that way!

Hopefully the view thing will be sorted with a RevoScan update - it definitely needs to lock in the position you select (plus allow lasso on multiple selected frames)

Anyway, after the scan I edited the mesh a tiny bit, just to smooth out a few key areas, but it came out of the system remarkably clean, considering I scanned in auto, the jeans were black, the top was black with small white patterns, blonde hair, pale skin… so the poor Range had to work pretty hard to switch around the depth settings on the fly. Good job!

I then took the model into CHITUBOX to slice, and printed on my ageing Anycubic Photon mk1 (yes, the original resin printer from Anycubic! I really should upgrade…) to give my daughter a souvenir to show her it’s worth helping her dad out with his scanning tests!


Excellent :star_struck: ! The scan is superb! Congratulations ! I have tried many times to do a full scan of my children with the RANGE 1 and have never really succeeded :neutral_face:.

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The Range2 does make it all a little bit easier. I tend to do upper body swiping up and down, and then lower body swiping up and down. The increased FOV makes this a little easier, whereas with the Range I mostly used to do scans around the model gradually working down, which took longer and sometimes (if the subject fidgeted) created noisier data.