[Announced] Revopoint Forum Moderator Wanted! Apply Now!

Announced on May 6

Hello Everyone, thank you so much for your kind participation in this recruitment.

We finally decide to choose @Zoltan3D as our new moderator (internship period - 1 month).

To @Zoltan3D: Congratulations! Hope we can work together to make this forum better!

To @Nebulus @KnightRid: I noticed that both of you are also active in this forum, we will have more contests in the future, welcome to join!

Dear Users,

As you know, this forum is an official forum for all Revopoint product users to be informed of the newest updates, discuss products with others, share your showcases, and get help from the official team. It’s a place where you can meet people with a common interest from all over the world.

To make this forum better, we’re now looking for a talented and active member to join Revopoint 3D Moderator Team.

Recruitment Schedule:

Recruitment Duration: From now on – 23:59, 5th May 2021(UTC+8)

Result Announcement: 6th May 2021(UTC+8)


  1. Be good at writing in English;

  2. Have enough spare time (No less than 2 hours per day) to help manage the forum and provide support; [Important]

  3. Must be Revopoint 3D Scanner users and passionate about Revopoint products;

  4. Professional on 3D scanning, can create posts of helpful knowledge, and can reply users’ questions and comments;

  5. Well informed/experienced in managing the forum and promoting the forum content in other platforms such as Sketchfab/Thingverse/MyminiFactory/Cults3d etc.

  6. If you know about Discourse setting, it will be better;

How to apply?

It’s easy! Reply to this post with your answers of the following questions:

  1. Brief introduction about yourself;

  2. Which Revopoint device(s) you own?

  3. What are your advantages of being a mod?


  1. Chance to be the first batch of people to get the newest Revopoint products for free;

  2. Forum threads management such as highlight, stick, edit and delete threads;

  3. Close working relationship with Revopoint official team;


  1. Selected Moderators will go through an Internship period of 1 month or more as per the contribution. The candidates who successfully pass the internship will finally be the Moderator;

  2. To give more chance to all users, the first tenure period of our Moderator is no more than a year (Now - 31th Dec 2021);

Want to work with us and improve this forum together? Leave a comment to apply now!

Hello buddy,

I’m really interrested :stuck_out_tongue:

As you already know, I’m Zoltan from Zoltan3D in France, I speak French, English, Hungarian.
I am a lucky beta tester of the POP as you already see with my activity here :slight_smile:
I already like helping people, giving my opinion, my feedback, if it can help people then why not!
I have already managed forums because I like the order, the arrangement of subjects, without being a dictator.

You can get in touch with me by any means that suits you, either private message or email because you have it anyway :slight_smile:
In any case, I love to test technological things, to help with the improvement, and to centralize the good ideas that are already POPping up on this forum as people test their pretty toys.


If I can ever get the issue with my scanner figured out I would apply but I wont have the y-adapter for the USB until Friday probably so too late.

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Looks appealing, though that implies a commitment in the duration, but personally, if I really like the product (should get it by end of this week), I’d rather be a good evangelist, but completely independent.
This is, if you really want to, you can still send me your newest products for free :rofl:


The concern is that as a moderator you must be able to ignore your presence as the scanner user and focus on helping others.
This does not prevent you from exposing your worries here, of course, but you should not mix the two.

Oh, I agree! I just don’t think I should apply until I can actually use mine so I have a bit of experience in order to help people with theirs.

Looking forward to you being a moderator as you seem to have a LOT of knowledge!!!

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Good luck @Zoltan3D !!!

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Thanks, I will do my best to make this forum a pleasant place. * take out the whip * … I’m kidding :slight_smile: