[Announced] Share Your Scanning Tips to Win a Revopoint 3D Scanner

Dear All,

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After discussed, we finally choose @kaon as the 1st prize since his scanning tips are clear and professional.

All scanning tips are useful and helpful for new users, so it’s too difficult to choose.

After discussion, we choose the below winners to get the 2nd prizes:
@Samster_3d @3D-Works @Alex666 @Singaii @stefanwerner

Congrats to the winners!

Please claim your prize by sending @Revopoint-Cassie a PM (including but not limited to their name, email, postal code, phone number, shipping address, delivery tracking number, shipment number, and tax ID number) before Aug 11, 5pm, Beijing time, otherwise, it will be deemed that you give up the right to claim the prize.

Thank you again for all participants!

Dear friends,

Have you got the skills to pay your bills with your Revopoint 3D scanner? Then it’s time to share your scanning tips with everyone for the chance to win some great prizes!

How to win: Simply share your scanning and processing tips for use with Revopoint 3D scanner in this post.

(Feel free to include any useful advice, techniques, or your own tricks you’ve discovered.)

Date: Now - July 31st, 2023


1st Prize: 1 winner * Standard edition of any Revopoint Scanner (You can choose which model you want, POP 3, RANGE, or MINI)

2nd Prize: 5 winners * 1000pcs reflective markers for each winner

Selection Criteria:
The Revopoint Forum team will evaluate comments based on quality and the number of likes received.

Winners Announcement:

Winners will be announced on Aug 8 by updating this post. (Update on Aug 7: Sorry, we still need some time to discuss about the winner)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The event is open to all forum members.

  2. Each participant can submit one entry only.

  3. Plagiarized or copied content will lead to immediate disqualification.

  4. By participating, you grant Revopoint permission to use your comments for promotional purposes.

  5. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.

  6. The decision of the Revopoint Forum team is final.

  7. Joining this contest means that you agree the T&C.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to share your scanning expertise, learn from others, and win a Revopoint scanner of your choice! We can’t wait to read your insightful tips and witness the vibrant discussions in our forum community. Happy scanning!


My nr1 tip is to practice. No one gets a fantastic scan first go.
Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat.

Eventually you will get good and the scans will be excellent.


Hi Andrew,

Yes, I totally agree with your opinion. Before a new user starts to scan, the first thing is to learn and practice, then he/she will know how to use the scanner better.

Thank you for sharing!

My number one tip is: don’t be afraid to break the rules and experiment. For example if you are attempting to scan a general object but it is not being detected, try toggling the object type to dark (even if this doesn’t fit the object description). Every setting affects the scanner and is worth investigating.


Hi @stefanwerner ,

Yes, trying different methods to find the beat option. Thank you for sharing!

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That’s a very good tip , just because the mode says FACE it don’t means it is just for scanning faces , rather the length and width of the object similar to size of the face … same goes for Body mode etc…


That’s a good one Andrew and first advice for everyone, people complaining things not working out of the box … neither the hammer that was advertised to help you build a home :grinning: Any new tool needs practice and patience learning how to use it proper … even a pro can still get a blue finger from time to time …


When I started my adventure into the 3D scanning world I was having such a hard time that I almost gave up, but I kept playing with the POP trying different things from lots of light to no light and found my sweet spot for lighting, also knowing when to use markers, spray or powder for certain objects, basically just have fun playing and learning the scanner is the key.

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Hi Steve,

I’m surprised to hear that you faced challenges as well, considering how impressive your showcases are! From “almost gave up” to “being chosen as a beta tester because of the excellent showcases”, you must work & practice very hard. :+1: :+1: :+1:


@Revopoint-Cassie thank you, and yes ma’am my grandkids kept bringing me their toys to scan and I just couldn’t give up on them, I still need a lot more practice with humans & vehicles but I’ll get there.

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Hi, my tip for complex shapes like statues, some parts are hard to scan due to beam angle. Try to do different scans by holding the scanner normally horizontally then tilting it 90° vertically or even upside down.


Objects that come from a molds usually don’t have undercuts and are easy to scan with just 2 angles , like for example simple figurines , however other objects have undercuts needs to be scanned with at least 3 angles to get perfect 3 dimensional scan , for example a bolt.

( I am not taking part in this contest as a contestant)

Judge Cath :wink:


My thoughts before scanning is as following.

  • Is the part shiny or black? → Get any spray out that u wanna use, doesn’t have to be an expensive scanning spray. But always test first! I use some white chalkspray.

  • Does the part have many features? If yes, use feature mode. If not, markers!

  • If it fits on a turntable, use it, it always moves more constant than your arm :slightly_smiling_face:

My best tip: try scanning as much things as possible and try different methods for the same part to learn the differences every step/method makes.

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Hi @DaGoN

Yes, this is indeed a good tip on canning the gap part of the statues. It helps capture the intricate details and ensure a more complete and accurate representation of the statue. :+1:


Haha, another scanning tip from Judge Cath. I must say, all your showcase posts are filled with useful tips and insights. :heart:

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Hi @3D-Works ,

Yes! I completely agree. We often receive complaints about tracking issues when users mistakenly scan the shiny things without spray or use the feature mode instead of the marker mode for objects that require markers.

Thank you for highlighting this point!

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy.:slightly_smiling_face:

Perceverence ! It takes time to acquire the right gestures and the right movements. In photography you block your breathing before shooting, here it’s impossible, because the shooting is constant, so manage your breathing to stay calm and focus. For large pieces, try to turn in a helix, from top to bottom, covering enough from each pass, do not hesitate to cut the scan into pieces easier to process, do a one-way scan, and on another scan do the return. Structured light scanner have infrared grid/dots projection, keep that in mind to avoid problem (sun beam, glass/mirror, shinnny object…)

I was having an issue scanning a pair of shorts that had tortoise shell shiny plastic buttons. Because I wanted a photorealistic scan the blue scanning spray was out of the question but found that Krylon Dulling Spray did a pretty good job and my Range scanner picked up on it, getting it in full color. I’m doing some experiments with just spraying a light coat over the whole garments and much more detail shows up - and it’s washable. I got it at Amazon: https://amzn.to/44rp8EM