Revopoint Forum Moderator Handover Notice

Dear friends,

As you may know, the first tenure period of our moderator was ended on Dec 31, 2021. Therefore, @Zoltan3d will not be our moderator in 2022. During Zoltan’s tenure period, he worked very hard and helped many users solve their problems. We appreciate him for all his effort and hope he can continue active here in the following days.

Today, we’d like to announce our new moderator - @JeffLindstrom. He is an engineer with 10+ years of experience with Mechanical CAD software and helped us translate many materials during the last year. We believe that Jeff will work very well and help our users as Zoltan did before.

Again, thank you, @Zoltan3d, and welcome @JeffLindstrom!

Best Regards
The Revopoint3d Team


Thanks Cassie, and welcome Jeff, thanks to helping us and the community :relaxed:


Thank you, Cassie and thank you, @Zoltan3d.

I shall endeavor to be a helpful moderator.


Great choice, Cassie! :clap:And congratulations, Jeff!:beers: