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good luck everyone !


Hi everyone, I’m just new to the forum but I have been following the Facebook group for a while.

My journey with revopoint have been in fact not as long as I would have desired. I was working on a project to 3d design a custom washing station for resin printer out of an old blender. My friend let me use his 3D scanner (revopoint pop 2) and made my project much easier! Since this day I knew that a 3d scanner would be a great asset to do some reverse engineering but never have the money to buy one.

I’ll try my chance in this giveaway.
Keep creating and have fun :blush:

My revopoint journey started with the Range 1 on kickstarter. I bought it to experiment with some 3D scanning of people and actually hadn’t used it very often. That changed somewhat late last year as a friend of a friend contacted me about a project he acquired in the renovating of a 18th century town hall nearby. They had some really damaged corbels in there that he was supposed to renovate, but he had no idea how to approach it. The range1 was used to create accurate 3D scans of the different corbels that are all quite similar. With the scans I was able to reconstruct a large part of the corbels and with some Blender magic, we we’re able to fully 3D reconstruct the corbels.

With our 3D printers we made some PLA moulds for the concrete pouring and currently the newly made corbels are being placed on the walls. We could not have achieved this without the Range scanner. Hopefully this is the start of many reconstructive 3D scanning in the coming years!

Kind regards,

(picture of remade corbels hung on the wall, pre finsihing)

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Hi everyone,

I’m a lazy person who don’t like work so much. So for this reason I use Miraco Scanner for work less than I worked.

So this is an example. I model half object with clay, scan it, and mirror it with software. And this is the physic model, mirrored model and a printer model.

Thanks for make Miraco’s Scaner!

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I am a professional art conservator (I deal specifically with the restoration and conservation of sculpture works) and a few years ago I was looking for a 3D scanner that would allow for easy and intuitive use, that would be able to have a good level of output, and that would not cost an arm and a leg! In my online search I learned about Revopoint’s first kickstarter campaign, that of POP 1. My Revopoint Journey began then. Since that first scanner that allowed me to get what I was looking for it seems like a century has passed since the first POP other scanners have been developed and produced with different features and purposes. Thanks to this as a user I can count not only on a tool, but a real toolbox, very multipurpose.
Below are a few examples from my journey with Revopoint scanners:











Hi everyone,
I’m Daniele, and I’m the technical manager at a company specializing in the maintenance and repair of electromedical equipment used in operating rooms. Specifically, we repair any type of motorized or endoscopic system used in operating theaters.
I started working with CAD and mechanical modeling software about fifteen years ago, and a significant breakthrough in the industry came with the development and spread of the first 3D printers.
Naturally, albeit skeptically at first, I delved into the world of 3D printing, which, at the beginning, was very much DIY, with projects scattered online. Of course, back then, 3D scanning wasn’t even a topic, except for some very expensive and almost science fiction-like machinery!
However, the 3D scanning sector gained momentum, and talk of 3D scanners that were becoming more affordable grew louder. My curiosity in the field kept growing, and after some initial, unsuccessful experiments with improbable open-source scanners and experimental photogrammetry, the first 3D scanner finally within reach of everyone hit the market - Revopoint’s POP!
Naturally, I couldn’t resist trying it out; I was sure it would be a great help in my work, dealing daily with models and reverse engineering. So, I finally purchased my first real 3D scanner.
The beginning wasn’t easy, I have to admit; I wasn’t familiar with how the machine worked, the software was much more basic and rough, and I was eager to get started.
I didn’t give up; I kept scanning anything that came my way just to practice, and slowly but surely, practice paid off: the models became more and more precise, and the difficulty of achieving a perfect scan diminished.
The POP allowed me to tackle more complex projects because I could start from a dimensionally correct three-dimensional model to use as a guide.
After the POP came the POP2. Then came the MINI, which was and still is one of my favorite scanners to work with on very small parts, confident in having an absolutely accurate model.
Of course, I kept going, and then came the RANGE, then the ISPIRE, the POP3, until the arrival of the scanner that truly revolutionized the way 3D scanning was conceived, which until then was mainly confined to the studio: the MIRACO!
The MIRACO was truly a turning point for me, both from the perspective of scans purely related to work and those done more for hobby or fun!
Yes, after all, I’m still a nerd connected to the world of anime and I have a lot of fun scanning action figures and the like.
In reality, I really enjoy digitizing everything that catches my eye, just as a photographer would with a beautiful shot.
Naturally, the RANGE2 also joined the family, with which I enjoy scanning architectural details or slightly larger subjects.
I really have to thank Revopoint for making all this possible and for giving me the opportunity to turn this passion of mine into a job and the realization of projects that would otherwise have been impossible. I hope this “adventure” can continue and that we can truly continue to grow together!
I hope I haven’t bored you and that all of this has been interesting.
Best regards, Ispanico97

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My RevopointJourney can start here
Hello everyone, I’m Javier, a 22-year-old guy currently studying architecture in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. Since I was little, I’ve always had a fascination with the world of design and construction. Every time I saw a new structure, my mind was filled with ideas and possibilities. This passion led me to study architecture at university, where I discovered a new fascination for design: the 3D world.
For me, the future of architecture lies in 3D modeling and prototyping. It’s not just about building structures; it’s a very broad field. The ability to visualize and experiment with designs before they become reality is something that excites me. However, as a university student, I face a significant obstacle: the lack of access to 3D scanning tools.
I know that a 3D scanner would be an invaluable tool for my education and future career. With it, I could take my designs to the next level, exploring every detail and honing my skills. However, the cost of a 3D scanner is beyond my reach as a student.
Winning a 3D scanner would be more than just a simple prize for me. It would be the key that opens the doors to a world of opportunities and limitless creativity. With this tool, I could explore new horizons in architectural design from the smallest detail to the overall concept and contribute to the advancement of my field of study.
With a 3D scanner, I’m confident that I could take one step closer to making my dream a reality. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to participate in this contest, and I’m excited about the possibility of my story can begins here.
I leave here a link to my portfolio in case you want to take a look at all the work done during my career up to date. https://www.behance.net/javierseplve1
Thank you so much.

My #RevopointJourney started with the MINI. I’ve worked in 3D scanning, mainly for film and TV, for over 25 years now. As you can see it’s fair to say I’ve been at this game for a while…

So I’m pretty jaded and not easily impressed!

During that time I’ve used and owned a fair amount of systems, but there was always a gap at the “micro” end of the spectrum, that I usually had to fill with quite a large and cumbersome old Minolta laser system, that did a great job but was very slow and bulky, and required sometimes hundreds of scans to be manually aligned

The alternatives in the handheld market were hugely expensive and I couldn’t justify them for what I wanted to use the system for: mainly gaming/hobby applications for my own entertainment.

So when I saw the MINI, and saw the price tag, I guess I thought it looked too good to be true, but it was at a price point I thought I could take a chance on. I thought perhaps it would at most be a cool hobbyist’s toy.

So I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up quickly after the Kickstarter fulfilled, and immediately started producing data that was not only useable, but actually on par with some of the systems that I’ve used professionally that cost 10 or 20 times as much. The fact that it was cable-free and could be phone operated added to the appeal.

Basically I quickly realised it wasn’t a toy - it was a production tool! The software at the time was fairly basic, but I was still turning out some great scans. As soon as Revo Scan 5 appeared it changed the playing field - a far more polished and professional-feeling application.

I soon got down to using the MINI for the reason I bought it - table top gaming applications, scanning large miniatures in order to reduce them in size, and making trophies for a gaming event I run.

After that I pretty much backed/purchased every new scanner that Revopoint produced and have been consistently impressed with the results I guess - not just “for the price” (although that’s great)… it’s genuinely good data.



MIRACO (Near Mode)

MIRACO (Far Mode)


The wheel has now come full circle with my purchase of the MINI2 (and scanning another big green Cthulhu!) - I’m liking the increased field-of-view and the added illuminators, along with improved tracking. It allows it to take on considerably bigger model than the MINI could manage comfortably.

What’s particularly impressive about the MINI2’s performance in these two scans is that they’re totally raw, direct from Revo Scan 5, and were scanned predominantly hand-held, using solely feature tracking, and each took less than an hour to scan and process to this stage.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the company, what innovations they’ll produce (like the Miraco), and what new features will be implemented in the software. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep on scanning with Revopoint scanners!

As a footnote, I did a literal “Revopoint Journey” recently via helicopter to a remote island, taking an INSPIRE with me!

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We are an Ergotherapist (occupational therapist) and a Fablab technician/facilitator.
We are working for the french association, called AFM-Telethon, which is fighting against myopathy for years.
Recently, a fablab was created in our structure, to improve the daily lives of patients
This Fablab Is called Myonov
You can find our contest for the 3D scan challenge in this mails.

Thank you for this competition that makes us dream…

Occupational therapist in a Specialized Home, I support people in very dependent situations in the creation of their daily technical aids.
We have an open space in the afternoons with computers (3D modeling) and 2 3D printers.

Our creative capacity is sometimes limited by the complexity of the adaptations and winning a 3D scanner will allow more specific creations such as:

  • reproduce a trackball shell to integrate 3 sensitive contactors (emergency call bell + home automation control + click of a computer mouse) for a person who just moves the index finger of the left hand. “Picture 1 and 2”

  • personalize an electric wheelchair driving command:
    by hand “Picture 3 and 4” or in the mouth “Picture 5 and 6”

  • scan a positioning splint and improve the fixation of the 2 contactors for another person who only uses the flexion and extension of their ring finger to act on their environment. “Picture 8”

  • scan a hand to customize a fork handle. “Picture 9”

  • create personalized contactors for each user (here a triple contactor for the electric wheelchair) “Picture 7”

Many other examples can be discovered at REHABLAB MYONOV near Angers…

These very specific installations for neuromuscular patients require millimeter precision.

The opportunity to win a 3D Scanner will allow us to improve our achievements and develop skills.

Hoping that our project will attract your full attention and waiting for the result.