[Android] Dual Axis Turntable Controller app v.5.8 | Android 5.1 to 13

Dual Axis Turn Table App for android available for download
Manual & Tutorial will be available soon

Thanks to PUTV for the help and feedback :+1:


Updated version, minor tweaks

give it a try

Edit 2: All Android Devices Supported, tested on 5.1-13


Here is a quick guide to use the app
NOTE: Do not pair the DATT to your phone other than via the app , do not operate the App before you see clear the DATT is Connected or it will result with Runtime Error on some devices . You need Connect your DATT before you can operate the APPs buttons .

Android APP to use with Revo Scan , including POP, POP2 and MINI
also great for 360 degree Photography and Photogrammetry.


awesome job as always :grin: @PopUpTheVolume you are the BEST :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Really like the one single button for rotation at three angles…

Fantastic job!


Thanks! Took some work but it works really well :grinning:

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Impressive work guys, thank you so much! I installed it, but it won’t work unless I allow the Location tracking. Is my location needed for using the bluetooth?

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Thanks Richard , I don’t think location is important, only permission to turn on the Bluetooth is required. But if you turn Bluetooth ON before starting the app it should not ask you for anything else . At least it never asked me after many installations back and forth.

Anyway to be sure let’s wait for Johnathan in the morning to check it out to be 100% sure.

Until then turn the Bluetooth manually on before the app and see how it works .

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Thanks for your effort. I tried the app but I can’t get it to work. it asks me for permission to detect bluetooth devices but I have no way to activate it. With Serial Bluetooh Terminal I connect to datt without problems.

On most phones it asks for location permissions and Bluetooth permissions, i am not requesting this so it must be part of the Bluetooth LE system, i am looking into it,
I have 3 different phones working with it and only the Samsung one was a little more fussy giving permission for Bluetooth sorted it after restarting the phone,
On my Sony a box popped up for Bluetooth access and worked no problem,

If the Bluetooth list is empty restarting the phone normally helps

Location is something to do with the Bluetooth LE part of the app. I am not requesting location or anything, Bluetooth LE is a more complex connection than normal Bluetooth connection ,I’m working on a way round it, I will update the link when I have a solution


This is all it ask me for on Android 11

No location or anything else.
If I turn Bluetooth manually before opening the app , it don’t ask for any other permission.

I think that the problem is permission to find near devices, not bluetooth itself.

From your screenshot looks like permission to scan Bluetooth devices .
Did you checked the all permission for the app in your app settings ? I guess you did already .
What Android version you are using ?
From 7 to 11 there was nothing of that on my phones .

I 'm using android 12.
I don’t think you can enable the permission to scan via bluetooth. I can not find it. I guess, but I’m not sure, it needs to be enabled while programming.

Ok thanks , @Johnathan will check it out and give you a feedback ASAP on this issue .

I had the same problem (Samsung S20FE) requesting for location and did not find the DATT

@eytec Johnathan is still working on the solution , he will post update as soon as he fix it .

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Can someone with Android 12 test this please

link removed NEW Version in first post

Let me know what it does, i don’t have android 12 to test it on,
It will ask for location permissions but I am not collecting any data it’s just so it can look for Bluetooth LE connection


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@Johnathan After installation no error massage. But it did not find a DATT. After closing and new start it comes error message (S20FE5G Android 12)

0k thanks!
can you try this one

link removed NEW Version in first post

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