Align without merging

Hi, I am looking for a method to align (meshed) scans and then be able to export them as seperate objects while keeping the alignment.
Now I can align multiple scans, but I cannot export the scans in their aligned position without merging the scans into a single model/mesh.
So now I have to align them in my CAD manually after exporting. I rather would like to use the great alignment capabilities of Revoscan instead.
How can I do that?

Hi @PodoTools

At this moment the option is not available , not for point cloud or meshes , however it is one of the most popular suggestion and it is already on the to do list .

In main time you can try to use Cloud Compare that allows you to align 2 scans without the needs of full registration and merging . It uses as well marker point mode for alignment so very accurate .
After that you can export both as a separate file still locked in the proper position .


Thanks! I will check that out.

I have already described this as a suggestion for improvement, perhaps you can also write something about it to support it.