Align a model to ortographic planes - CloudCompare

CC 3 point levelling Quick Tutorial

How to align/ orient, flat a model to ortographic planes using CloudCompare´s 3 point levelling, something I wish Revostudio already had :slight_smile:

Downloadable model link and scan method in this post:

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Once the file has been imported from Revoscan 5, clicking to locate the three points, the cursor remains a hand (not a cross) and the points are not highlighted in red as in your example.
What is the problem?
Can you help me, please.
Windows 10 Pro

Have you selected the model before you press the level button?

I gave up and used Microsoft 3D builder equipped with a specific “place” command.
Ten seconds to position the object on the table!!!
I think it would be useful to introduce a similar command in Revoscan 5.
As for CloudCompare, while I appreciate that it is open source, I consider it lacking in logic or, at least, with a logic that is too complicated for use by a hobbyist.
Thanks, however, for your response and, yes, I selected the model before pressing the “level” button, to no avail.
(translated from Italian with Google)

yes 3d builder or prusaslicer also works but not with pointclouds

3d builder has a physics based drop to flat object that is very quick to use as long as there is a flat base

But yeah i understand what you are saying, CC has a steep learning curve