Can't update MINI firmware on first use, log says "No new version found"

Hi, I am opening a new topic because my issue seems to be different than other people’s problem.

I have just connected for the first time the MINI and found out that I need to update the firmware. Current one is

In the logs, however, I can see that REVO scan is connecting properly to the server, but the response is 未发现新版本 (which means “No new version found”).

Since I haven’t updated the firmware, I can’t access the dual-axis turntable menu.

Is this a known issue ? Most of the other threads are related to connection issues, I have none in my case.

Thanks in advance

This means the serve is not updating the firmwares at this moment .
There will be completely new firmware update soon that allows also the connection to the Stabilizer, for that reason probably the older version was stopped temporary.

So this is not an error or issue on your side.

You can use temporary android app DATT controller , you can download it from the Starting Point section in the forum .
It will give you much better scanning results anyway .

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Hi again,

Thank you very much for the explanation. I’ll have to wait for the new firmware (I just got my stabilizer as well !), but I’ll give the DATT app a chance in the meantime.


Hi @marcial.gomez
I tested the last beta software and it will no more need firmware updates for it to works with the stabilizer , it will be simple and straight forward connection via PC Bluetooth and your scanner via WiFi to active the start/pause button in Revo Scan via the stabilizer .

A couple more things need to be adjusted in the new version and fixed before it could be officially released but I don’t think it will take so much longer .

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