After calibrating my Mini

I successfully ran the Calibration utility on my new Mini and am getting much better results. The app reported 0.0309 (not the best I’ve seen, but pretty good).

The details around the eyebrows on the statue are sharper.

One of the tchotchkes my girlfriend likes is a Fairy Door.

It scanned pretty well (meshed in Revo Scan).

The black (supposed to be) window panes need some cleanup and there is a minor error on the right side of the door frame that I will have to investigate, but the overall results are quite nice.

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It looks good Jeff , the second scan even better .
The artifacts on the right branches are overlapped points .

But nice sharpness overall, calibration at 0.0300+ or 0.0200+ do not make big difference in quality of the scan , more alignment of the RGB and better marker mode … the quality not getting affected unless it get above 0.0900

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The statue was scanned twice to get the whole thing. I remember it looking a bit sharper after the first pass.

It always looks sharper by the first pass, when scanning with MINI changing slightly position can add or reduce the accuracy quickly even by 1 to 2 cm , always massure the distance from the center of the turntable to the scanner not the object. And ignore the software indicator

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The color scan worked well. I had been concerned that the cyan-colored door would not come across well, but was happily wrong.

Before texture application.

With texture applied.

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What happened to the mustard wood color ? Why it is gray ?
In your first picture it shows different wood color ?

The photograph was taken with a flash. The color scan was made with the afternoon sun lighting a wall some 15’ away and off to the side.

What impressed me was the 4 black sections representing window panes. Without color, they were irregular, but are now flat.

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The magic of textures

thanks mate, actually what is the acceptable , and the best value of mini can have?
and is the value smaller, quality better?

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