About MIRACO network connection

I performed various 3D scans with my 1st POP and felt that the device’s capabilities were limited, so I purchased MIRACO as my second 3D scanner. I am fully satisfied with its performance.

However, I had an issue with the Wi-fi update, which I resolved myself. I’ll post it here as an issue. Also, please let me know how to deal with it and suggestions for revopoint.

My environment at the time of purchase: app version v1.0.0.129, system version v2.3.103.20231212

I was also one of the users who was unable to download properly as mentioned in the forum. Even if I could connect to wi-fi, I could not import from MIRACO with revoscan 5.4.6, and when it came to updating, it reached 10% in a few seconds and did not increase any further after half a day.

The cause was that the IP address of the client PC performing 3D work on the network and the IP address obtained by MIRACO were the same, resulting in MIRACO’s network connection becoming unstable.

The release of the DHCP server did not work properly on my home network, and the MAC address of the corresponding IP address had changed from the client PC to probably MIRACO’s MAC address. After fixing the DHCP server’s IP address assignment, updates and data transfers worked perfectly.

I think there is a reason for this in my environment.
However, there are some concerns about MIRACO’s product specifications. The problem is that even though the device can be updated via network connection, the device’s IP address and MAC address are not displayed at all. MIRACO is a great device, but I felt that the network settings were very poor.

This was true even with the first POP I used; even if a Wi-Fi connection was established, there was no way for the client to know the POP’s IP address, and even now. The only way to find out is to check your home network settings.

If possible, could you please add the ability to display IP addresses and MAC addresses as MIRACO’s network connection information in future updates? This alone may be helpful for users. Please consider this.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for the long and extremely complaining post.

MRV from Japan.

Hi @MRV I only want to add that the best way to import projects from MIRACO is USB , a good USB , I had myself lots of issues with the included charging white USB cable but after purchasing a good Thunderbolt USB 3 8K cable the problem don’t exist anymore , on PC you need a good USB 3 port as well . When using MAC I recommend you use USB 2 cable only .

When downloading an system Update for MIRACO , the best way is to cancel the update if it take longer than 1 min and don’t move forward , usually after 1-2 canceling it kick in and download fast in less than 1 min for me , I am in USA .

Sorry for your troubles @MRV I never experienced any WiFi issues but I know that you need always latest Miraco firmware update with the latest PC RevoScan 5 version to be able to work smooth … hopefully you updated your MIRACO by now and thank you for your explanations on this matter .

I will tag @Revopoint-Jane to take note on your request regarding the IP & Mac addresses.

Have a good day !



Thank you for providing such a detailed description of your experience with our MIRACO. We are pleased to hear that you are fully satisfied with the performance of the MIRACO.

We sincerely appreciate your feedback on the Wi-Fi update issues you encountered, as well as your suggestions for improving the MIRACO’s network settings. We understand the importance of displaying the device’s IP address and MAC address as part of the network connection information, and we are pleased to inform you that plans are in place to address this issue in the next update to the MIRACO.

We thank you again for your support and for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you. :smiley:



thank you for your reply.

Certainly, I think it would be ideal to be able to receive notifications and update firmware when connected via USB.
My PC environment is an 8th generation core-i7, Intel Z390 motherboard, but I felt that USB transfer was slow.
My PC doesn’t have a Type-C port, so I use a Type-C to Type-A USB 3.0 cable to import data, but if the total data is around 2GB, the Revoscan transfer speed is around 30Mbps. It seems possible to maintain However, this speed was only due to specifying the NAS as the save destination for the project when importing from MIRACO to the PC, so the transfer speed at that time was only 30Mbps.

Also, I feel that the fact that POP is not a standalone system, and the measurement data is imported into the PC in real time, is one of the reasons why it feels even slower.

MRV from Japan.

Thank you for the immediate reply.

After all, the issue of network connection information existed as a future update issue. I look forward to future updates.

MRV from Japan

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Yes, we are working on improving this issue. Thanks again for your feedback on this issue.

Have a nice day!

Revopoint Jane

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The speed is based on your motherboard , USB port and PC system , my speed is never slower than 400Mbps .

If that was not a standalone system , you would be not able to use POP with a phone . That what makes Revopoint scanners portable and not dependent only on PC to run . You have not idea what you wishing for here.

POP was always slower because it don’t use high data speed as POP2 or POP3 so it’s data transfer is maximum 8 frames feature mode and 5 frames marker mode and that sadly can’t be changed as that’s hardware limitations .