About Attblime 3d scanning spray

Hey guys,
like a year ago I got myself two cans of the Attblime AB2 spray as it was being constantly recommended here. I haven’t had much time to use them but when I did I always encountered problems with these cans and am surprised there aren’t any other forum threads about that, here or elsewhere.
When I try to spray something it surely does create a matte mist but also tons of pressurized liquid leak from the inlet when doing so. So not only is the can expensive but it also wastes itself on use… + the highly dense liquid when crystalized doesn’t disappear like it should! This is the second problem because the included heads often spray out literal droplets of that liquid, and spots hit by such droplets don’t disappear, after a day even.
Two heads are included with a can but they both perform about the same and don’t stop the liquid from coming out. I don’t know if it’s something wrong with my cans or scanning techniques. I tried both short pressing and holding the head and found that holding produces even more of that liquid.
Sometimes I think I should have gone with Aesub even though it was 1.5x the price. All the videos I’ve seen of it are people holding it at extreme angles and spraying effortlessly - in my experience it’s just not possible with Attblime.
Rant over :>

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Please contact them about the issue , i use both cans and liquid spray for airbrush and i never had any issue with leaking .

On cans i use the second long head , my favorite .

Also the spray last sometimes to 4 hours , it all depends on the air flow and humidity of the room and also porosity of the surface, how smoother the surface how faster it vanish … put your object where there is some air flow and it will be gone quicker , also do not wash it off manually .

Also with AB2 you don’t have to over spray the surface too much , just slightly mist that frost the surface enough even if you see still the color of the surface .

AESUB is a snowfall in a can , last not long and with surface of 15 microns alter a lot the accuracy . I am talking about the blue one …Orange is better but it damaged some of my metal surfaces afterwards

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